Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

Adult humans don't have the capacity to replace damaged or missing permanent teeth naturally. Once a tooth is lost or damaged, we use other options to replace or restore the teeth. To overcome this problem, we use dentures, crowns, and bridges. Dentures are one treatment option but they are not always the preferred solution for replacing teeth if you are looking for something fixed. For some patients, these removable prosthetics can be difficult to manage. At Refresh Dental, we propose crowns and bridges as a treatment option because they're a fixed solution for missing or damaged teeth and are a good option in many cases.

What are crowns?

Crowns are fabricated caps that are placed on top of damaged teeth. They can be used when there is enough tooth structure to save the tooth but it requires additional protection. Often this is due to large filling or fracture. Crowns are also used to restore an implant. The natural tooth or implant acts as an anchor to ensure the crown stays in place. This crown is cemented into place. Crowns are very close to natural teeth in appearance and resilience. They are very similar in shape and texture to natural teeth and usually no large adaptation is required. Once a crown is cemented you are able to eat normally and enjoy the foods you wish.

What are bridges?

Bridges can be a good option if you have one or two missing teeth or if you are unable to tolerate a denture. The dentist uses the surrounding teeth as anchor teeth that support the bridge (which replaces the missing teeth/tooth). This is also a fixed option as the bridge is cemented to the surrounding supporting teeth. Bridges work very well in situations where the missing teeth span is small and there are stable supporting teeth on either side of the space.

What are the benefits of crowns and bridges?

  • They are made from a resilient material like ceramic or gold or metal alloys. The ceramic/porcelain crowns and bridges are tooth colored and are often preferred for areas near the front of the mouth. For teeth farther back, gold or metal alloys can also be used.
  • Both crowns and bridges allow you to eat the same foods you enjoy with natural teeth. This is often in contrast to dentures, due to the fact that they are removable, can sometimes limit which foods you are able to eat.
  • Replacement of missing teeth are important to maintain function and keep other teeth from drifting or moving. When teeth drift they can cause additional gum or biting issues.
  • These prosthetics can last many years if they are properly cared for. Good oral hygiene is essential both professionally and at home as it will help prevent dental diseases and help to maintain your prosthetics.

When do you need crowns and bridges?

We only recommend these prosthetics after conducting a thorough examination of your teeth and surrounding structures. There are many treatment options and during your examination, the options and recommendations will be presented to you. Here are some situations in which crowns or bridges may be recommended:

  • Repair and resupport of a cracked or fractured tooth.
  • Keep a weak tooth from fracturing further.
  • Restore dental implants.
  • Fill in gaps between teeth.
  • Replace missing teeth.
  • Cover a discolored or improperly shaped tooth.

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