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Sport Mouth Guards

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Sport Mouth Guards

Healthy teeth and gums are resilient and strong for most normal activities, but sometimes you need additional protection. Those participating in certain sports are more likely to lose a tooth or sustain dental trauma due to impact. Even something as simple as an elbow to the mouth can cause dental trauma. At Refresh Dental, we recommend custom mouth guards to protect your teeth during these activities. These guards form a barrier and help to reduce the impact to the teeth and gums during trauma. Custom made appliances made by a dental professional are recommended due to their custom fit and protection.

What are sport mouth guards?

Mouth guards are specialized, custom-made appliances that you can place on your teeth while playing sports or engaging in any rough physical activity. The guards cover the teeth and gums to try and reduce the impact of force to the area. They're removable so you can slip them on or off based on your requirement. Guards help to protect the teeth from the full force of the trauma, which reduces the risk of serious injury or tooth loss.

Types of sport mouth guards

There are a few different types of guards available.

How do you make a custom sport mouth guard?

We first take a impression or mold of your teeth. The impression is then poured up in stone to create a replica of your mouth. Your mouth guard is fabricated from this mold. This guard is custom fit and the material is quite comfortable to wear and adapt to. Once the guard is made, the dentist will check if it fits properly before also providing care instructions.

It's important to follow our care instructions carefully to ensure that the guard is kept clean and fitting well. Our maintenance guidelines will help to protect your mouth from injury and ensure the guard remains in good condition.

If you want to know more about our mouth guards services here at Refresh Dental, give us a call on 780-705-5557. You can also get in touch through our online form and book an appointment.

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