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Browse through these frequently asked questions about Refresh Dental:


1. Where are you located?

Refresh Dental is located on the west side of Edmonton on 1018 Webber Greens Drive (just off of Anthony Henday Drive)

2. What services do you provide?

  • Crowns – Fabricated caps placed on top of damaged/compromised teeth
  • Bridges – Replace missing teeth by using surrounding teeth as anchors to support the missing tooth
  • Gum Care – Preventative measure for gingivitis, periodontitis, advanced periodontitis
  • Implant Restorations – Fixed option for tooth replacement
  • Mouthguards – protective mouth-pieces that prevent tooth & gum damage during contact sports
  • Porcelain Veneers – Treatment option for chipped or discolored teeth
  • Preventative Dentistry – preventative methods for oral health
  • Root Canals – treatment of inflamed or infected nerve tissue
  • Teeth Whitening – improve the look and brightness of your teeth
  • Tooth-colored Fillings – treatment for tooth decay/cavities
  • Child Dental Care – maintenance of gum, teeth, and oral health in children
  • Botox- cosmetic option to treat dynamic wrinkles or therapeutically to treat the symptoms of clenching and grinding
  • Splints/Nightguards- protect teeth from damage from clenching and grinding
  • Extractions- removal of teeth
  • Laser dentistry- treat canker and cold sores or to remove oral lesions
  • Sedation- oral and nitrous oxide sedation available

3. What are your hours?

Monday: 9am-6pm
Tuesday: 8am-8pm
Wednesday: 8am-8pm
Thursday: 8am-5pm
Friday: 8am-3pm
Two Saturdays a Month: 9am-2pm

4. Do you offer flexible payment plans?

Yes, at Refresh Dental we offer flexible plans with no setup/admin fees and 0% interest.

Our plans provide the option of affordable monthly payments to ensure you can receive the service you need, regardless of your budget.

5. Do you accept insurance plans?

Yes, Refresh Dental accepts most insurance plans. We also direct bill!

With direct billing, we submit your insurance claims electronically on your behalf with no additional processing charges or fees.

6. Do you provide dental services for babies and children?


The staff at Refresh Dental understand that children's teeth undergo several challenges and changes in the growth process. That is why we recommend regular checkups for children starting at 6 months after the eruption of their first tooth and continuing throughout life.

Our child dentistry services include:

  • Infant oral health exams
  • Preventative dental care
  • Assessment for teeth alignment
  • Solutions for poor habits (eg. thumb sucking)
  • Treatment of dental disease
  • Treatment and repair of dental injuries or trauma

We monitor the health of your child's teeth & gums to prevent disease, repair injury, and ensure optimal oral health for your children.

7. Can I book evening and weekend appointments?

Yes, we have both evening and weekend hours available for your convenience.

We are open until 8:00p.m on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as well as 2 Saturdays every month.

8. How long do I have to wait for an appointment?

Average wait time to see one of our dentists depends on the service you require, and the time of year.

During slow periods, you may be able to get in to see us in as little as one day.

However, busy periods may require you to wait up to 2 weeks to see us.

If this is the case, we give you the option to be put on a short-list which means we will call you if anything opens up sooner.

Call us at 780-705-5557 to inquire about current available appointments!

9. Are you accepting new patients?


Refresh Dental is always accepting new patients and we would love for you to come in and meet us.

Book your free 10-minute no-obligation consultation today, free of charge!

10. How long does it take to do a standard cleaning?

The length of a cleaning appointment depends on the amount of debris on the teeth. An average cleaning at Refresh Dental will be completed in approximately 1 hour however, your cleaning will be tailored to your individual needs as some individuals require longer or multiple appointments.

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New Patients are Always Welcome! Evening and Weekend Appointments Available
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Office Hours

Due to COVID-19, office hours may differ from those posted. Please call the office at 780-705-5557 for current hours.

Monday: 9am-5pm
Tuesday: 8am-8pm
Wednesday: 8am-8pm
Thursday: 8am-5pm
Friday: 8am-3pm
2 Saturdays a Month: 9am-2pm

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